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"Java Performance Paradoxes" und "Supercharge your JVM App with Couchbase"

"Java Performance Paradoxes" und "Supercharge your JVM App with Couchbase" - Hotel am Domplatz (Raum Noricum) - 03.12.2013

"Java Performance Paradoxes" und "Supercharge your JVM App with Couchbase"

Hotel am Domplatz (Raum Noricum)

  • Am 03.12.2013 von 18:30 bis 21:00 Uhr

  • Hotel am Domplatz (Raum Noricum)
    -"Hotel am Domplatz (Raum Noricum)", Stifterstraße 4
    4020 Linz
    Österreich (Austria)

Am 2013-12-03 lädt die Enterprise Java User Group (http://community.ejug.at) zum eJUG Seminar ein.

Die Veranstaltung wird um 18:30 im Hotel am Dom in Linz stattfinden. Auf dem Programm stehen die Themen "Java Performance Paradoxes" und "Supercharge your JVM App with Couchbase". Als Sprecher konnten wir für diesen Termin Thomas Wuerthinger und Michael Nitschinger gewinnen.

Parken ist entweder in der näheren Umgebung möglich oder in der angeschlossenen Tiefgarage.


  • 18:30-19:30 Java Performance Paradoxes, Thomas Wuerthinger
  • 19:45-20:45 Supercharge your JVM App with Couchbase, Michael Nitschinger


Java Performance Paradoxes - Thomas Wuerthinger

In the context of increased complexity of just-in-time compiler technology, the performance of applications running on top of virtual machines is difficult to predict and hard to understand. This talk will focus on providing examples for performance paradoxes when running Java applications and explain their underlying cause. It will also explain principles and best practices when coding Java applications to avoid performance problems. Be prepared for anything between high-level class diagrams, Java code, bytecodes, compiler IR, and machine code.

Supercharge your JVM App with Couchbase - Michael Nitschinger

You are getting ready to build a new webapp but things are different this time. Thinking about how to develop for scale, you've started to look into that new area of NoSQL. Couchbase Server (Apache 2.0 licensed), is built to be the scale-out data store behind the kinds of applications that want simplified development. Learn primary differences between RDBMS and NoSQL, see how to use key and JSON documents in your applications and powerful map reduce query functionality. You’ll also see how you can simplify your DB layer by consolidating cache and database. Finally, we’ll talk about integration projects like Spring-Data-Couchbase to show how you can make your life even easier.

Biografien der Sprecher:

Thomas Wuerthinger

Thomas Wuerthinger is a Senior Research Manager at Oracle Labs. He is the lead of the Graal compiler OpenJDK project and the architect of the Truffle self-optimizing runtime system. Previously, he worked on the Crankshaft optimizing compiler of V8 at Google, and the Maxine research virtual machine at Sun Microsystems. He received his PhD degree from the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria for his thesis about dynamic code evolution for Java.

Michael Nitschinger

Michael is a Vienna-based Developer Advocate for Couchbase, Inc. He is part of the engineering team, the release manager of the Couchbase Java SDK and responsible for enterprise framework integration (like Spring Data or Hibernate). He is very active in the community, contributes to open source (like Netty or Reactor) and speaks regularly at conferences or meetups. You can find his blog at nitschinger.at, or ping him through twitter with @daschl.

Tags Stichwörter: Couchbase, Java Performance

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